Saifullah Khan

Saifullah Khan

Saifullah Khan Tutor

$1 to $3 per hour

Online Tutor


  • Spoken English
  • Mathematics


  • English
  • Urdu

Class Level: 

  • Primary Classes
  • Secondary classes 
  • Competitive Exams


I am dedicated and highly qualified tutor. I have bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I have good command on English as a spoken language and teaching since last four years. I can help students to pass competitive exams in short time preparation.  With expertise in teaching, I am equipped to offer my services in various subjects mathematics, English, General Science, and IQ Test preparation for competitive exams.


  • I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 
  • I have certification of TOESL (Teaching of English Language as a Secondary language) from Austin International, Islamabad.

Teaching Experiences

  • I have 5 years online teaching experience in different subjects. 
  • I am providing coaching classes to students to pass competitive exams since last 4 years. 

Contact Details

  • Gmail:
  • Website:
  • YouTube: Nil
  • Linked In: Nil
  • WhatsApp: +92 340 7473591
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